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Game Over: Outstanding Performance and Brilliant writing make this movie a masterpiece

Game Over directed by Ashwin Saravanan is a unique script that has showcased excellent writing and an outstanding performance from Taapsee Pannu. Read our review below to know more about this psychological thriller.


1. The screenplay writing is excellent and it is neatly presented layer by layer. 
2. Taapsee Pannu gives an excellent performance. She is the main reason to watch. 
2. Vinodhini’s character as Kalamma is terrific and she gives a solid performance. 
3. Ron Ethan Yohan’s sound design stands and does give us the perfect horror effect.
4. The camera angles and the lighting play an important role. This gives the much-needed effect of the film. 
5. The duration is a big plus for this movie and it does not drag much to spoil the overall effect.


1. Some events are repetitive and it does bother us. 
2. Hindi dubbing does not sync in many places.

Verdict: Terrific edge of the seat thriller. Must watch for movie lovers.

Rating: 3.5/5

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