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Mr.Local Review: Nothing New.. Trademark Rajesh movie

Director Rajesh is back with another entertainer through Mr. Local. The film is one of the most anticipated movies. Did Rajesh keep up to the expectation of the audience? To know more read our review below:

1. Huge Star Cast.
2. Sivakarthikeyan’s screen presence is the biggest strength.
4. The chemistry between the lead pair is a strength.
5. Dinesh Krishnan’s Cinematography is good.
6. Radhika’s role is neat and clean.

1. Comedy doesn’t click consistently.
2. The storyline is nothing new.
3. Nayanthara emotes well, but her character could have been written well.
3. Sathish and Robo Shankar disappear in the 2nd half.
4. Length of this movie is a great minus.
5. The screenplay is a letdown.
6. Hip-hop Tamizha’s background score doesn’t make an impact.

CineCluster Rating: 2.5/5 (Average)

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